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Our founder, Andy Law, started Mecoptron in 1986 after working as a design engineer at several Silicon Valley firms, which include Spectra Physics and Matrix Instruments. A graduate from UC Berkeley (MSME), Mr. Law’s background includes design on laser instruments and on film based scanner/digitizer equipments with application in medical radiology.  Through his earlier work in products design and production, he gained detailed understanding for the supports that the technology industries will need. This allows him to plan and organize Mecoptron to provide the most appropriate support for his customers.

Business Philosophy

From the very beginning, Mecoptron chose to work with the customers in partnership fashion. Our goal is to help our customer succeed by helping them reach their goals faster and better. We believe in participatory problem solving and that our achievement is best measured by how successful our customers are. 

Our Staff

Our staff is the most outstanding aspect of the company. Some of our senior craftsmen have over 30 years of experience, while others average 8-10 years of experience. On top of the experience, they are also responsive, inquisitive and meticulous to your requests. Many of them have stayed with the company for 10 years or longer. Their expertise, dedication and stability are the reasons why we can support our customers consistently, even for the very demanding projects.


Mecoptron is equipped with many advanced machineries suitable for various types of works. We have over 30 units of CNC equipments of mills or lathes, as well as numerous other supporting equipments. The machines are of different sizes and configuration to allow support for a broad spectrum of works. Our company also has a fully equipped temperature-controlled quality room, with two units of Coordinate Measuring Machines and many other inspection equipments, all of which are essential for close inspection of your works. For more detailed descriptions of equipments, please refer to the Facilities Page.


3115 Osgood Court
Fremont, CA 94539
Tel: (510) 226-9966
Fax: (510) 226-6750

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