Welcome! Mecoptron Inc. is a leading successful provider of precision machining service for the high tech equipment industries in the West Coast. Established in 1986, our mission is to offer our professional manufacturing service in a manner that will consistently exceed our customers’ expectations in quality, delivery and cost effectiveness.

Our Service

Mec-op-tron, in short, stands for Mechanical parts for the Optics and the Electronics Industries.

Prototyping and production machining are two of the main services provided by our company. We have considerable machinery capacity, both in CNC turning and CNC milling, to satisfy your demands. The sizes of parts that we can handle range from a small pin to that of a desk. We also work with many different materials such as ferrous alloys or non-ferrous alloys, plastics, composites and ceramics.

In addition to machining services, we also offer important ancillary support such as tooling design, precision mechanical assembly and inspection works. Our experienced engineers are also always available to answer your questions, be it manufacturability or cost reduction related questions.

Our customers

The following are key industries that we have been serving for in the past years:

-Bioscience and Medical Equipments
-Communication and Fiber Optics Equipments

-Robotic Equipments
-Scientific Equipments (including Vacuum, Industrial Camera and other Electronics)
Semiconductor Equipments

We have a broad customer base that spans from small start-ups to $100 millions plus public companies. For customers with multiple locations, we also support their overseas branches, including Europe, Japan and China. Although jobs may come from different customers, there is usually one thing in common between them: it is the stringent requirement in their specifications. As we can consistently help solve our customers’ more difficult problems, we are often rewarded with extended business relationship..



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